i currently have the phenom 550x2 be cpu (unlocked x3)
on the asus m5a78m-lx-v2,
its a pennies here and there build that ive been bitting and bobbing at over time,
now im starting to realise i need more performance for gaming & video editing
im staying with amd as that's the mo bo i have
but with a budget of around £100 british pounds sterling give or take
whats the best upgrade? strait to 8150/8300 phenom x6? crysis 2 slowed down on me quite drastically today fighting a tripod and the light effects sent it back to the stone age (6670 1gb ddr3 btw) any suggestions please?
buy an i5 is not whats required thanx
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  1. oh yeah while im here does any one know if i can boot this mo bo from pci ssd? they seem cheap but i dont know if you can even boot from pci or if it would just be storage?
  2. it would boot like a raid card.

    here's your supported CPU's listing. it looks to be limited to 95w cpu's
  3. AMD FX4170 4.2GHz+ Quad Black Edition £93.12 (ebuyer.com)

    Although not listed on cpu support, its just a speed step up from the 4150 that is, so would be suprised if it didn't support, it but you can always ask Asus.

    Also, running with 4GB+2GB memory not a good idea, should be matched pair for optimium memory bandwidth, can have a fair performance hit.
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