EVGA GTX 580 Incredibly high temp at full load

Hello! So recently I noticed a huge temperature change from my GTX 580, going from 35C idle to 52C. I didn't really care that much because it was the idle temperature so I decided to start up Battlefield 3 and check the full load temperature. 2minutes into a game I checked the tempeture and it shocked me... 98C with all fans at max. I went back into the game to exit but just some seconds after, the screen shut down. Probably so prevent the overheating. I checked the temperature on my other stuff and they were all running just fine, no change with the temperature at all.

So I went out today and bought a Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120mm 1850rpm to install on my side panel. It actually reduced the idle temp to 41 so I went on Battlefield 3 again. There was a bit of a change, it took longer to reach 98C, took around 5minutes. So it didn't really do much difference. So I checked my computer while it was on to see if somethings wrong and I noticed that the exhaust fan on the GTX 580 wasn't blowing out any air.

Is that the problem? Any help would be very appreciated.
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  1. Quote:
    Show me a picture of your GPU from all angles please.

    Plugged in and running or taken out?
  2. Hopefully these pictures work, took them with my phone. I do have two dogs, if that makes any difference.

  3. Yeah, I I'm totally fine with opening the case.
    And yeah, it's dusty. My two dogs are always near the computer and right now they are dropping their winter fur. I do try to clean my computer every week or two but my school work is in the way.
  4. Gonna go get new thermal paste tomorrow then. Everything is closed now, first thing tomorrow after school.
    Or do I need thermal paste? Well this must be problem because I haven't done a full clean on my GPU.
  5. If it's just cleaning then you shouldn't need thermal paste. That's for taking the heatsink off.
  6. eddieroolz said:
    If it's just cleaning then you shouldn't need thermal paste. That's for taking the heatsink off.

    Then I'm going off to clean it! Will update if it worked or not. Hopefully it will... I don't wanna send it in right now, Diablo 3 is so close and I don't wanna miss playing at release!
  7. Holy crap! This worked perfectly! Even better than I expected. Played Sniper Elite V2 for about 30min, max temp was 50C!
  8. Quote:
    Great news!
    I am glad it's working great.
    Always clean out your pc.

    The whole exhaust fan was blocked by layers of dust. Now it's blowing out the hot air flawlessly!
  9. Quote:
    I knew it was dust as soon as i saw the pictures ;)

    Idling at 28C, this is even better when I got it brand new. Probably the new fan I got, it's doing a great job with the airflow
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