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I have 2 desptop PCs in my house. One of the PCs works fine with my internet connection (Win7 64 bit), the other one has a big problem connecting. This is a Win XP Pro OS. The connection will maybe work for a minute or to at a time but them drop off for about 5-10 minutes. This happens with a wireless adaptor (sometimes the PC fails to connect to a network when the adaptor is connected via USB) and also with a wired connection (the connection is through a home plug). I have tested the home plug and the wireless adaptor on my other PC and they both work fine.

I have re-installed windows XP on the problem PC (using a different hard drive), installed Service Pack 2, all the motherboard drivers and also flashed the BIOS to the latest version. However this has made no difference. I am guessing that the problem lies with my motherboard as this the only thing connected to my wireless adaptor and the wired connection but I am wondering if there are any other solutions I can try before I purchase a new motherboard. The motherboard I have is an Asus M4N78-AM with Corsair 2GB PC-6400 800 MHZ RAM, AMD Athlon 64 X2 7850 2MB.

I also have laptops and mobile devices connected to the internet wirelessly and these all work fine.
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  1. You should install SP3. There might be some fixes, particularly for the wireless, that might help.
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