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Best CPU upgrade for an Asus P5GPL-X (LGA775 socket)

I've seen a few threads already of people on a budget trying to upgrade their LGA775 mobo. But i really need help trying to understand what my mobo actually supports.

I have an old P4 with a really nice mid-range setup ($150 just on the cooler, etc) and now I'd like to upgrade just the CPU for some sub $200.

I'm mostly compiling stuff and leaving the machine idleing downloading or serving stuff over the network.

I figure for some $300 i could get a low end mobo and low end i5? and a decent combo for $400? is that too off from reality? but i really wanted to stay way bellow $200.... so:

and then, i could get (even a used) extreme dual core from ebay or maybe even risk one from alibaba for around $150. which could probably help me with compile times better than the i5... i think.

the question is, would this asus board even support something like a QX9650 ?

Here's the asus page:

it mentions "Compatible with Intel® 05B/05A/06 processors" but i failed to find what those number even mean!
it has a CPU support tab, but it seems to be pretty outdate (or so i hope :)

I saw some threads about the 65nm vs 45nm.... but i have no idea to know if it applies and to which board characteristic...

i'm now hunting prices on the QX9650 or Q9400 (45nm) and the E6700 (65nm)... would those be OK for that board? is there something better (regardless of price, as i'm open to hunting used ones)?

thanks for any hints
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    No, that support list isn't out of date. It's legit. It absolutely will not work with any Core 2 CPU's (or even Pentium Dual cores).

    It's a chipset limitation. The 915PL chipset doesn't support the Core 2's.
  2. Ouch! i will have to settle with a $25 upgrade for a Pentium 4 662 (P)?

    will just wait until i can dish out for something else then... thanks!
  3. Yeah, here's a different site, just to confirm it for you:

    But yeah, just saving up for a completely new build is definitely the best course of action.
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