Which cpu is best for me

I want to build my own PC but i'm a newbi. I would like to upgrade to windows 7 eventually (I have been told intel is best for this). I use my PC for media more than anything else, surfing and converting movie files. so i need one that is quite quick. very rarely i may use it to play games. so i need one that i can add a decent HDD to. money is the major issue. can anyone recomend anything as there is so much out there.
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  1. What is your budget? There are so many CPUs that can be used for your purposes but money will narrow it down.
  2. Windows 7 - Does not matter whether AMD or Intel
    Media - Anything streaming has to do with internet provider, however a better processor and video card can provide better images
    Converting files - SSD's all the way + a good processor, hyperthreading is useful here.

    We do need a budget, for your uses the i7-3770k would work great but its quite expensive.
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