What should i buy:antec 900 or antec 902 (v3)

I am going to buy pc components to build a computer (u dont say) and i dont know what should i buy, the antec 900 or the antec 902 (v3).
900 - pros.(personally) the look of the top panel, the mesh is better, no filters(i dont like the look of the filters) - cons. no led on the top fan, color inside is awful, not enough cable management, firewire.
902 (v3) - pros. awesome color in the inside, more cable management, top fan has blue led, usb 3.0 - cons. FILTERS!!!, the logo on top(i dont like logos).
i know the 902 (v3) is better, but i really like the look of the 900, but it is **** inside, i like the look of the 902 (v3) too but i prefer the 900, PLZ help me choosing.
P.S. - sorry for my bad english
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  1. I would go with the 902 V3, it looks much more pleasing and it will have better airflow due to the cable management. The 900 does not have cable management from the looks of it. In addition it has very easy CPU installation since you can slide out the side panel and install the base of a new heatsink without removing the motherboard which is pretty annoying when you repeatedly change coolers.
  2. As the Antec 900-series is pretty much focused on gamers and power-users I assume you're building a gaming rig?
    The first thing that should influence your choice are the components are using. Although these cases are very similar, the 902v3 is 1/2" wider and that might make a difference if you're planning to use one or more large aftermarket coolers. Another issue is definitively the USB3.0 support, I can tell you that it's quite annoying to climb behind the computer to attach a USB device... Of course you can use the USB2.0 connectors but if you need to copy a BD-image, linux distro or whetever big file, USB 3.0 is definitely a relief.
    In favor of the 902, I prefer filters, they might not look very nice (if you can see them) but they are very effective in keeping your components sort of dust-free (assuming that you clean the filters regularly). However, if you don't like them, removing air-filters is much easier then adding them (which isn't really difficult either).

    Another consideration might be how you're exactly planning to use your new chassis. I opened up my case (don't have a desktop right now...) about three times a week to do some modifications and in the end I think the side panel got lost. If you work a lot 'inside' the case, you definitely want an easy workable case, and the Antec 900-series do not really meet that requirement - you better look for another case. They are, however, perfect if you're planning to build it up once and then leave it for a while.
    You can read a little more about the problems that arise when you're using a Antec 900-series for a lot of 'inside case work': http://www.overclock.net/t/809912/why-i-dont-like-my-antec-902

    The Antec 902 is functionally much better than the 900 but regarding the aesthetics I can't give you any other advice than that you are the one who has to decide how important that is. And don't forget, there's still something like casemodding :-) If I had to choose, I would go for the 902.

    If you Google a little, you're not quite unique in asking this:
  3. Following up with the last reply, have you considered another case?
    The antec 1100 looks pretty similar and in my experience is much easier to work with.


    I own a 900 and an 1100. The 900 had no cable management besides the included tie-downs which forced you to route your cables just behind the HDD cages in front. It is a shorter case, a (2) 9800 GTX+ cards in an old build I put in forced me move the hard drives since the long cards go right up to the edge of the drive cage. You also need to remove the cages in order to pull hard drives out since the screw holes on the back panel side get covered up by the mounts the cages slide into.

    The 1100 is a bit wider/deeper/taller. The 1100 has better drive sleds which you can pull with the side panel off. Cable management is very easy and clean behind the motherboard panel. The case is reasonably quiet since the ventilation works so well, the fans don't need to spin up much at all.
    Like the other replies noted, the 900 is a good case for a smaller build that you don't need to mess around with much while the 1100 in my opinion gives you a similar look, very good cooling performance and much easier maintenance/modification.
  4. SOOO i finally came back, im so sorry for the long waiting, and i already have all the components in mind, i have enough money for them etc etc, the only issue too my right now is the case, so i though about and i live in the Iberian peninsula, so there's a spanish company (i think its a spanish company because its on spanish!) called NOX that makes computer components like cases, psu ect... and i looked at this case,the nox coolbay TX, its about 100€ (105$) and i really think its good.
    its has fan controllers, lots of usbs, even a SD reader and it has a lots of space, and i though, maybe i should buy this instead of the 902 v3.
    AND of course i still like the 902 v3. The 902 v3 Pros: i prefer the window, i like the handy tray, and i love the style.
    902 v3 Cons: i hate the look of the fan filters, no tooless design, kinda small if you ask me, too much overpriced.

    Nox coolbay TX Pros: tooless design, its ~20$ cheaper and its kinda better, the fan filters dont look really bad, its bigger than the 902 v3, i kinda like the style, it has a top hdd/ssd slot.
    Nox coolbay TX Cons: i dont really like the look of the fans (but im going to put antec fans, cuz i like them), the side window is not the best looking window i've ever seen(i prefer the antec 900 window), im afraid that my power supply cables wont be long enough.

    But now im considering to buy the nox coolbay TX, but i still like the antec 902 v3, so help me PLZ! (sorry for my bad english)
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