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Generic pnp monitor driver download

I can't enable the 3d vision in my laptop dell inspiron n5110 although the nividia gforce gt 525m card is installed but it doesn't appeare in the task manger under monitor , it only appears under diplay adapters and the only monitor appears is generic pnp monitor so what drivers do I need to install to make the nividia card show up and enable the 3d vision
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    Hello sama7,
    My name is Krishna and I work for the Social Media and Community Team at Dell. To makes things more clearer for you, the listings for the monitor and display adapter are separate in Device Manager.

    The Inspiron N5110 supports nVidia's Optimus technology. You cannot set nvidia graphics card as the primary option, but you can control which setting Optimus will use with a particular title or application by referencing the Optimus Application Profile list within the NVIDIA Control Panel. To create a new profile for an application:

    Open the NVIDIA Control Panel.
    Select Manage 3D Settings.
    Select Program Settings tab
    Click Add button.
    Browse to and select the application executable that needs the new profile.
    Or choose the preferred application from the drop menu.
    Select the features and settings you wish to change for this application.

    Dell-Kris K
  2. Hello Krishna thanks alot for your response it was really helpful , but I wasn't able to enable the 3d vision yet and I recently heard that my laptop doesn't support 3d regardless of the graphic card properties ,if you know something about that please confirm to me and if not please guide me through on how to enable 3d vision.
    and thanks again.
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