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Is a PSU supposed to have melted plastic across the circuits?

See title. Just got the last few parts for my build, plugged everything in and... nothing. I check the PSU, and I see this:

That's what looks like melted yellow plastic, spread out across the circuits on the bottom of the PSU. In the first picture, you can just barely see the edge of some sort of yellow cube, which may be the source.

So... could this be why the PSU isn't working? Please help! I am so sad my new build isn't working!
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  1. Yes, that's normal. It's to provide mechanical advantage when the PCB is being manufactured. There are quite possibly other reasons, but the long and short of it is that it's nothing to worry about.
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    Which PSU is that? Make sure you have everything connected properly, and that the switch on the back is on. Is there any sign that it is providing power to your system? You could try to jump start it, by disconnecting every connector from the pc, and then connecting the green wire on the 24pin connector to a black wire (GND) using a paperclip. If the fan spins up its a good sign. The plastic you see there could be from manufacturing as cl-scott said.

    Hope this helps!
  3. The cement-like material is there to prevent components (mainly tall capacitors and bead inductors) from getting rattled around around during shipping and break their leads or solder joints.
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  5. Thanks so much for your quick replies. I still don't know what I did differently, but as of now, it's working! The fans spun up and it went straight to BIOS! Now to put it in the case and hope it still works...
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