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I5 3570k Safe Temperature & TCase

So I just got done testing out Battlefield 3, and my CPU i5 3570k running stock fan.

had a constant CPU frequency of 3.71 Ghz, and Utilization of 60 percent and temperature of 68-72c

Now, I went and looked at Intel websites and it mentions Tcase of 67c for i5 3570k.

What is Tcase? is that the safest temp for it?

and also, are these temps okay or should I not play Battlefield 3 at all until I get a cooler?
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  1. TCase is the max recommended CPU temp for longevity purposes, and not necessarily for the core temps, but as long as you stay below 80-85C on the cores, you're fine.
  2. You can generally go up to around 105C without any issues. This isn't the recommend temperature you should be at for gaming/Prime95 by any means, however.

    Generally speaking, 70-80C on average is what I see for 3570k's.


    Darnit I was late :lol:
  3. Ok, the actual temperature was between 65 and 68,

    So I am fine right? no problems for gaming like this?

    I have a GTX 670 coming tomorrow so I just want to be good and ready to go.
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    Definitely not, you're 100% safe :)

    On a side note, the temperatures are a little on the warm side but you should be fine. You can check out the Intel Stock Heatsink installation guide on the CPU section to see if you can get better temps :)
  5. Thanks to both, can't wait for tomorrow.

    I will try to instal a CPU aftermarket cooler soon.
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