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FPS ( frames per second ) Gaming Issue, New computer!

Hey all, recently I've been having a couple of FPS Issues, and I came in hope of someone having the same problem but with a solution

So while in ALL areas of my game (world of warcraft), I'm normally at around 250 FPS, NOW HERES THE ISSUE. Recently I've had the issue that while playing, I'll be running around at around 100 FPS LESS than normal, and the game will have a SLIGHT freeze feel to it (otherwise known as choke). When I pan the camera completely above my characters head (birds eye) It seems to get worse as well. Now what is completely strange is that when I launch an internet browser, or open say "toms hardware", My fps instantly boosts back to 250 until the internet browser is loaded....odd.

I have a great graphics card (Radeon 6700 Series, bought on Christmas ALONG with my new Computer- 8 Gig Ram , 1 TB HD) but what puzzles me about my issue is that it is COMPLETELY random whether or not it starts to drop fps (Location in game does NOT matter). Restarting my computer fixes the issue completely (for a certain period of time) And sometimes this issue will go 1 week without occuring. I have not changed ANY settings in the games graphics controls.

Lately I've had problems with my Power supply, my USB Slots get over whelmed and my keyboard and mouse die until I switch ports. I have a 300W PSU and I'm not sure if my game's FPS is beginning to lack because so much power is going to all of my USB ports, but since Christmas until now, I've had NO problems whatsoever.

I know I will have to get a new PSU in the future, but why would my graphics cards ability to perform at a previous level change?

I have completely updated my drivers, and as previously stated, the issue is random and has no warning, I'll just be roaming around and it will drop and begin to freeze slightly.

This problem is very worry-some, and why would my FPS INCREASE when I open a web-browser? and why would the FPS (even when simply staring into wall) Bounce from 250 to 100 then back to 250 in a matter of a few seconds? All suggestions are much appreciated, thanks in advance! :ange:


Intel core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00 GHZ
8 Gigs Ram
64 bit Windows 7 Home
1 Terabyte HD
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    hmm i think its pretty obvious that your psu is the most likely cause. i'm guessing where you live the temperature is rising and the warmer the systems temps are, the more power draw for your system.
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