Sparatic Lag Please Help

My current system is as follows:
Amd x2 250
generic mobo
4gb ram
dont know psu
amd 3450 512mb

Its an old pc I know, but about a month ago my pc started experiencing sudden lag attacks where the cpu usage would jump to 100% usage, and the mouse would skip around the screen, also the sound got messed up and is crackly during the lag and makes the sound go in slow mo. Every once in a while the sound will be okay. While im in a game(such as League of Legends) I'll be playing around 50 fps when suddenly itll drop to around 6 fps for about 30 seconds this repeats every couple minutes, even when I'm not gaming, sometimes happens at the login screen when I turn on the computer. I know my computer is old, but I'm wondering why it was functioning just fine a month ago. Any ideas as to what the problem is? Any responses are appreciated.
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  1. I would run an anti-virus software immediately. That may or may not be the culprit, but its the first thing I would do.
  2. Alright the scan is running now, I will let you know what happens.
  3. Scan turned up no viruses or threats, any chance mcafee missed it?
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    There is always a chance that any anti-virus / anti-spyware will miss something. No program exists that is 100% effective.

    That said, can you think of any changes, downloads, or anything that you did a month ago? Any new software installed? Any changes to current software? Any uninstallations?
  5. Cant figure it out, im just gonna do a fresh windows install and see if that cleans it up, thanks for the help though.
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