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Im shopping for a mouse. Simple and clean. Gaming mouse or just any mouse that has accurate input when moving the mouse slowly. Im usually playing fps and using snipers and im finding my mouse to be not as responsive as i want it to be when it comes to moving it by slow incraments. It just isnt sensitive enough to pick up my gestures. Im looking to spend anywhere from 25 bucks to 75 bucks. Any store would suffice for me, but generally I would like to pick it up at my local frys electronics store. And they do price matches so yeah lol.
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  1. I meant "Mice" for the thread title. oops. dont come down on me grammar nazis.
  2. ^Exactly why I came here heheh :)
  3. Bump. And piggyback.

    I'm looking for about the same advice. I've always just bought what was on the shelf at walmart, but am building my first gaming rig for some FPS games.

    What is an acceptable dpi and typical acceptable, but not extreme button configuration?

  4. Hi :)

    Gaming mice are easy to I always tell my customers...

    The MORE you pay, generally the better you get...

    Personally as a gamer, I use Logitech...

    All the best Brett :)
  5. This is an excellent gaming mouse (Logitech MX518):

    I am also a fan of this Razer due to its simplicity:
  6. This video may help you figure out which mouse to get.Another member informed me about it and it's pretty helpful.
  7. i prefer logitech because of their shape. bean mice ftw
  8. So i am assuming all these have great response and the only difference is the type of grip I want?
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    Quote: The MX518 simply works. Ask the thousands of gamers who use it or have used it in the past. At a more affordable rate, it gives you 400-1600DPI and good accuracy, targeting, and high speed handling. It is sculpted to fit most hand types and will glide over nearly any surface without sticking or catching. It is made to be very durable for harder play.

    The Logitech MX518 comes with in game switching that gives you control over cursor speed and response time without interfering with your game play; go from 400 to 1600dpi at the flick of a finger. You can also download additional software so you can customize the mouse for every game you play. It comes with 8 programmable buttons.

    Overall this time test classic simply works right. The slick feet design along with the contoured grip is comfortable and smooth. Because it's such a durable mouse. Quote: "The G9x is one of the most customizable gaming mice that you'll come across. For around $20 more than the G500 and Deathadder 3500 the Logitech G9X gives you several more customizable features to fit your personal preference and gaming style".

    Precision Claw or Wide Load Interchangeable Grips

    Gamers come in all shapes in sizes and with the the G9x you can choose either the "wide load" or "precision grip" that fits your hand and gaming style. The Wide Load has a fuller shape for more comfort with a large thumb rest and the Precision grips give you better finger control.

    DPI and Precision

    Although I can't imagine using much more than 3000 DPI the G9X gives you the option of going for a precise targeting with as little as 200DPI to ultra-fast maneuvering with up to 5700 DPI if you download the latest software. Like most USB gaming mice it has a full USB report rate of Up to 1000 reports/second and uses next-generation laser gaming technology to give you increased accuracy.

    With a choice of pixel precise targeting at 200dpi or fast maneuvering with up to 5000dpi, you certainly have enough control and the onboard memory gives you five profiles so you can take all of them with you when you travel for a LAN party.

    Customized Weight Tuning

    Like the G500 Logitech has given you 28 grams of extra weight. If you've never used the weights before, then I recommend you do a simple test by adding and removing weight. I've always found that some level of weight in the front helps to improve my overall accuracy and just "feels right" when playing FPS-type games.

    Customization and Profiles

    The G9X comes with onboard memory for up to 5 profiles which store your macros, DPI settings, and even customizable LED colors (Red, Green, Blue, and Orange).
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  11. :D Thanks. G9X It is.
  12. Your welcome enjoy!
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