Upgrading cpu and ram to FX-6100 & KINGston 8gb

I want to upgrade my current CPU and RAM.

My PC specs:
AMD II X2 245 (2.90GHZ)
4gb ram
WIN7 32bit

I want to upgrade to:
AMD FX-6100
Kingston Hyper X memory 8gb (1600C10D3B1/8G) 1x8

Is my motherboard compatible with the upgrades?
Is it necessary to upgrade 8gb of ram?
I Like First person shooters like FEAR3,BIOSHOCK,RAGE and open world games like SAINTS ROW 3 & L.A. NOIRE. In the future, i like to play Bioshock infinite and Max payne 3. How much performance boost would i get from the upgrades?
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  1. is that am3+ mobo?i dont think so because in cpu support list only phenom,athlon and semprons are supported.pls sell that mobo and buy a cheaper am3+ mobo with in $50 better buy a mobo similar to that one asrock 880gm-le which supports all amd cpus:)

  2. in those u will get a huge improvement over athlon i think u should go with fx 6300 instead of fx 6100 because piledriver cpus are better in gaming then bulldozer but fx 6100 will also give about same performance as fx 6300.amd is weak in single threaded performance but that doesnt matter because multi threaded performance are better for future apps and games most of the game developers are moving to the multi threaded softwares so it will better to buy fx 6100 or fx 6300 with in a very good price:)
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