How much is this worth?

I recently built and new computer and a friend is interested in buying my old setup, but because its used i dont really know how much to charge.

Everything has been USED for everyday for about 2-3 years(ish)

GTX580 SuperClocked EVGA

i7-920 2.66GHz (stock cooler) (no overclock)

6 gigs RAM @ 1600

EVGA x58 Motherboard

cooler master HAF 2.0 full tower

1TB HDD 7200 RPM (with fresh windows installed)

Standard $20 CDROM/DVD drive

1000W PSU

-- No other external devices will be included
-- No problems other then the 580 running a little on hot side (can get up to 85-89C in BF3 for some reason)
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  1. No idea on price but the gfx temps nothing to worry about,Gpu's do run hotter than Cpu's,
    a U.S. member could tell you the best Dollar price though
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    Im Canadian, and our dollar is very close to that of the american dollar (were off by a matter of cents per dollar, and we both use "dollars".) and I'd say that your rig is likely with $900. However, with usage I would say probably $750-$800? However (again :P), were also talking about your FRIEND here, so with those values in mind, maybe you should cut him / her a little slack, eh? :P Nice rig, btw.
  3. ask for $50 more than what you want to sell it for, so when you make a bargain, you can drop that $50 or more, and you already had that $50 buffer.
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