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Hi everyone, I'm working at an Internet Cafe and recently I have encountered this problem. After formatting one of our PC, everything is working fine. I have installed all the necessary softwares needed. Everything is just fine. To finish it up, I shut it down and put the back the case cover. And then after that, the problem began. After I turn it on, the monitor blinks white and then it has no signal and no display. The CPU fan spins, the Mobo has light green light on. I didn't know what happened. Everything was just fine and suddenly the problem occurs. Please help me guys. I wanna solve this problem. I have formatted several PCs (around 15 units) in our cafe and no problem occurred. What am i supposed to do? Please help me guys. I'm getting stressed and pressured. Thanks guys. Sorry if I posted in the wrong section.
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  1. Open up the machine and be sure every component is working fine, after that try to boot up while the machine still open, be sure everything is fine and if the problem persist you could try to format the machine again, if that doesn't help you can try to replace some of the hardware in it with the hardware in the other pc's you formated to try to find the problem.
  2. Ok, I will try. But I think I cannot format it again because it wont boot to bios. I hear no beeping sound.
  3. you don't need to pull the side off to reformat. what else were you doing in there ?. look for loose wires first....... all wires/all connections.
  4. I forgot to mention about the CD ROM that I put. That's what we do in our cafe because we only have 1 CD ROM for formatting so we put it to to the PC we are formatting and then we remove it when the formatting is done. That's why the case cover is removed because i plugged-in the internal cd rom. After formatting the pc runs smooth. I checked all the games and softwares. Everything runs fine. Then i shut it down to put back the case. And then the problem occurred. Please help me guys.
  5. Like i said open the PC and check everything, specially the connections, if still doesn't work than you will have to test the hardware by replacing it with other components from the pcs you know its working.
  6. Ok sir. I will do it now and inform you of the progress. Thanks.
  7. No problem, best of luck and let us know if you find out anything or need any help.
  8. hi everyone. the problems was solved, i unplug the memory, made some cleaning and everything is working fine now. Thanks for your help. But I have another problem to another pc, during the xp installation, the pc will just shut down. What seems to be the problem here? Please help me. thanks in advance. It wont continue to load during the XP set-up. Please help me.
  9. Additional Information: My CPU temp is 67 degree Celsius.
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