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I may be selling my current radeon 5870 eyefinity edition card to a friend along with a phenom and asus MB. with the money i am looking to buy myself a new card. I have not used nvidia for many years do to there fraked up scaling settings in there drivers during over scan, does anyone know if they have fixed this issue?

i was looking at the 7870, 7950, or 7970. i want to have a good boost in performance as well as future Xfire longevity. any opinions on what card i should buy around a 400.00 budget?
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  1. I think best bang for your buck The Radeon HD 7870 also look here it should help you decide best of luck hope this helps bud
  2. I wouldn't upgrade honestly. 5870 is still a very powerful card, and will play any game on the market with max settings at 1080p.

    My advice would be to wait until the 600 series nvidia comes out with the 384bit bus (think its code name is GK110). That will be a true upgrade for you.
  3. my issue is that nvidia does not function with my monitor. my center screen over scans and ATI drivers let me scale it back while keeping 1920X1080, Nvidia on the other hand changes my rez to 1872X1012 or some crap and causes any full screen app to go right back to over scan. i simply must stay with ATI.

    Nvidia changed this function in there drivers around late 2009 and i have not been able to go back since.

    as for the upgrade, i totaly agree that the 5870 is a good card however i will be selling it for about 250 to a friend along with some spare parts i have to build him a new comp for D III launch in a few days. thus i would like to use this money to maybe buy a 7970 or somthing
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