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I have a home built computer its my second one and i also work for an IT company so I know my way around computers but im stumped.

Intel core i3 duel core hyper threaded 540 3.07 ghz
12 gigs of corsair RAM
windows 7 home premium 64 bit
saphire radeon HD 6850 1 gig of RAM
730 watt Raidmax RX-730SS
Asus Hybrid extreme design P7P55 LX

basically I have been playing the game league of legends running it at very high settings with my FPS ranging from 60-80 even in team fights, recently my fps dropped to 20 and bellow even 6 in team fights and my computer would sometimes turn off after about 10 minutes of being on. I thought it may have been bad drivers i reinstalled windows to get a fresh start and my fps was still at 20. It randomly jumped up to 60-80 again for a couple hours then dropped again. I went to best buy and bought an XFX HD 7770 1 GIG of RAMand my FPS was once again at 60-80 on very high settings. This morning i was playnig and it again dropped down to 20 and bellow with the new video card in, im thinking it may be my CPU or may need to update the bios.

I need help bad please help :na:
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    have you monitored your cpu and gpu tempetures to eliminate any heat problems
  2. I would suspect CPU throttling due to high temps, or your ping is pretty damn bad. I would think its a throttling issue though as it works fine, then slows. Can you post your Idle and Load temps?
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