How should i know if my PCs power supply is not working?

how should i know if my PCs power supply is not working?
when i turn on the computer just the fan works... nothing appears on the screen..
please help me..
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  1. Hi,
    Is it a new setup, can you detail the components, does the CPU fan spin?
  2. if it a new power supply some stores have ps testers.if you have a meter set it to dc voltage. the black wires are ground. the other pins should have 3v 5.5 and 12v on them.
  3. Did you plug in the 8 pin cpu connector? Do you get any beeps?
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  5. hiiiii
    thanks for your replays

    its not a new power supply and not a new windows
    suddenly the PC shuts down and its never work

    the cpu fan spins and the power supply's fan spins and i opened and closed the CD room and it works... but the monitor remains black and displays nothing,

    and there is no voices that tells me that the case is booting and the operating system is working properly...
    just the sounds of the fans and the monitor is black...
    can u help me please??
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