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I recently built my first pc, and i can't get a display on my monitor. I have plugged in a dvi cable, a vga cable, and an hdmi cable (into motherboard), All three come up saying "dvi no signal" "vga no signal" "hdmi no signal". I have an Asus vh236 monitor and i don't know whats going on. My motherboard is the asrock pro4. When i power my pc, all fans are running including the aftermarket cpu fan, i get no beep from the speaker that came with the case, but when i constantly press the delete button on my keyboard when i start up, i get 1 beep. I took the ram out placed it in the A2 and B2 slot and i powered up and the speaker gave me 3 short beeps and computer kept restarting. So i took them out placed 1 into the A1 slot and same same process happened no beeps. I placed the second one back in an same thing no beeps. I am pretty sure i have everything plugged in, except for the 4/8 pin connector for the cpu? The psu came with 2 plugs and one says cp and the other says u1. My motherboard has the 8 pin connetor, but only the connector that says cp fits in. The other 4 holes on the motherboard wont fit the shape on the connector from my power supply. Did i plug this in wrong or is this fine?
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  1. That checklist does not help me with my problem, i have everything done correctly. What can possibly be going wrong? I wish my motherboard manual discussed what the number of beeps does, but it doesn't. Please guys i need help!
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