Will this build work

Ok so im about to build a pc im 15 and its my first time, i need some advice on will these components work heres the build:
Corsair 500r
Asus p8z77-v le
4gb corsair lp vengeance ram
Corsair gs 800w psu
I5 3570k
Arctic cooling freezer 13 pro
Sony disc drive
Sandisk ultra 120gb ssd
Asus 6870
Windows 7

I know psu you is overkill but ill upgrade my gpu later and maybe cf
So will this work without a problem
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  1. Yes, this build should work.

    However, it would be nice if you could link to all the parts, as it is a bother to google them.

    What exactly is this computer for?
    The processor (3570K) is really powerful, and you only need an aftermarket cooler if you intend to do serious overclocking. The GPU (HD 6870) is just an average card, and will hold you back if you intend to play new games at high settings.
    Will the SSD be your only data storage device?
  2. IMO get 8 GB RAM as it's pretty much the same price. Adding a storage HDD is relatively simple if you want a SSD now.
  3. I plan on gaming and video editing i will upgrade the ram and gpu when i get some extra money thanks for the quick responce
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