Reference GTX 680 VS. SLI MSI Twin Frozr Overclocked GTX 580

The Title says it all. Which one would be better? There would be a significant price difference between the two options:
SLI GTX 680 = $1378
SLI GTX 580 Overclocked = $972

That's a price difference of $406
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  1. Where are you getting those prices from ? AGTX 680 runs fir roughly $500 and you can get a GTX 580 for a little less than $400. Can you explain the $1378 price tag for the GTX 680 ?
  2. I am in Australia so everything is more expensive. Single GTX 680 $689
    MSI Overclocked Twin Frozr = $489
  3. I think that your title is what's throwing me off because it says just Reference GTX680 and not SLI 680. It does then say SLI MSI GTX 580.
    So if your saying you are looking at a SLI setup of two GTX 680 vs. TWO GTX 580's then I'm going with the 680's. You will get good performance from the 580's for some time to come but the two 680's will allow you to do anything and everything.
    I can't believe that a GTX 680 is going for $689 where you live.
  4. The price difference from the US to Australia has always been like that, for example a new game upon release in the US would cost about $60, In Australia it would cost $110!

    Yes sorry i meant SLI GTX 680's but would just reference GTX 680's in SLI beat Overclocked GTX 580's in SLI?
  5. go reference sli 680 ^_^

    I got 3 MSi GTX580 Lightning Extreme Edition 3GB so far it kicks ass, got my trifire 7970 and it kicks even more ass, so far the gtx680 (i'm aiming for a single zotac for the games and 2 galaxy 680) should do serve me well so I'm sure it will do the same to you (still planning on getting them)
  6. Derbixrace said:

    no way. Nvidia has way faster cards than AMD.
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