Using AMD APU and Discrete Card for Dual HDMI Displays

Can you leave crossfire disabled and use the integrated card and discrete card for 2 separate HDMI LCD displays?

I have the A6-3500 and 2 LCD monitors that both accept HDMI input . I can run them in dual mode only if one is connected to the VGA output on my Mobo, while the other is connected to HDMI out. Unfortunately, the display connected to VGA is not detected correctly by Windows 7, and it sets its max resolution lower than the other display, which is a pain. If I plug it into DVI or HDMI, its detected correctly.

To fix this, I want to get a discrete card, preferably crossfire enabled, like a 6450 ( I rarely play games ), so that I can have both connected to HDMI at the same time. This way if I do want to play a game, I can ( I hope ) enabled crossfire and play using the card connected to the discrete card with a boost from crossfire tech.
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  1. The thing with the intergrated chip on a motherboard is that when you put in a video card it diables the onboard graphice chip and uses the vudeo card for graphics. Then when you want to crossfire it will become active to do that but otherwise it is disable when not in crossfire.
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