Catalyst 12.3 Force VSync

Does forcing VSync in Catalyst 12.3 work?

If not what version has it working properly?

I'm using Catalyst 12.3 (tried updating to 12.4 yet it just installed 12.3) regardless I have a couple games that have issues when you use the native VSync. So some people have said that forcing it through the control center fixed the issues well I turned vertical refresh to always on and it didn't appear to be working at all the FPS was not locked and there was a lot of screen tearing going on.

If you need more info tell me.
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  1. Bump - I would like confirmaiton fo this as well if possible. This did not work in former driver versions such as 10.x.
  2. Honestly I have never been able to get the CCC to work right.It's always buggy.
  3. Well that just sucks I could really use the feature.
  4. You could always uninstall CCC and the drivers.Then just install the drivers themselves.The CCC is just an application for tuning settings.The drivers work fine without it.
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