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CPU bracket cooler cutout not in the same place?

I just recently bought the Cooler Master Haf 922, and upon installing my motherboard I noticed that it is not going down all the way. Is seems that the cooler bracket isn't completely in the cutout for it, and it pushes against the chassis. Are CPU locations for atx not standard? Are not all cases going to have the cutout at the same place?

I have a
Gigabyte GA-990xa-ud3
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
And am trying to use the
Cooler Master Haf 922, currently using the NZXT 210 Source.
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  1. Sounds weird to me. I wouldn't think the cooler should be going anywhere near the case back wall.

    Are you sure the standoffs are installed correctly?
  2. They where installed correctly when it was in the case. I took it out and put it back in the old one because of that. What exactly I mean is that the cutout is offset. The bracket is a relatively tall one.
  3. It still seems like something is not being attached or oriented right or something.

    It is common for people to use the HAF 912 and the Hyper 212 in the same case and there shouldn't be any major differences between that and the setup you are using except the HAF 912 is even smaller.
  4. Hmmm. Well I was gonna try to send it back, but should I try to put the motherboard in the case again? As well as post pics if it doesn't work?
  5. I would do it, yes.
  6. Okay I tried to reinstall it. I'm sure the coler is attached correctly, as there is no where else to screw it in.

    Since the sticking up part is the only thing overshootinng can I cut that off?
  7. Looking at the backplate picture, it seems like the motherboard is higher off the motherboard try at the top than the bottom, almost as if the studs for the bottom of the motherboard were missing.
  8. The studs are there. I just put them back in again.
  9. You know what, this case has eaten to much of my time up. I'll just return it and be more carful next time. Mods can close the thread now.
  10. If you freeze this movie

    at 1:58, the backplate he was using doesn't look the same.

    If there are multiple different parts included, are you sure you were using the right ones?
  11. Raiddinn said:
    If there are multiple different parts included, are you sure you were using the right ones?

    AFAIK, the 212 +/EVO come with only one set of universal backplate and retention clip unless new boxes include the LGA2011 parts.

    The video's plate looks the same to me. The only difference with the OP's picture is the orientation of the backplate relative to the board. In the video, the "long" side is in horizontal (front-back) orientation while the OP's is vertical.
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    The problem isn't with the backplate, its the location of the socket on the mobo in relation to the cutout,
    I have seen a few where the socket isn't quite lined up with the cutout, and can only put it down to mobo manufacturers not having a standard socket location,
    if you can't work round it or modify the cutout slightluy to accomodate the backplate, I'd say return and look for a case with a cutout that suits, but if your mobo has issues with one case, its likely to happen with different cases,
    Angle grinder time I say :)
  13. I have a 212+ in my Antec 300 case (early version) which has no cut-out whatsoever but the 212+ still mounted perfectly fine with no clearance problems behind the board. Just had to take the board out to install the backplate.

    Guess OP's HAF has (much) shorter studs.
  14. So if I'm gonna try a new case for this, anyone that you guys would recommend? I want to get anew case, bigger, before I have the money for a new GPU.
  15. It might be wiser to find some longer standoffs if you like the case anyway and your sidepanel clearance is fine,
  16. Motopsychojdn said:
    It might be wiser to find some longer standoffs if you like the case anyway and your sidepanel clearance is fine,

    Well the thing about that is that if I used longer standoffs, the backplate would be now where near lined up.
  17. It would give the backplate clearance though, stop it hitting the mobo tray,
  18. Oops, my bad by backplate I meant to say panel, as in the ports at the back.
  19. Yup, on reflection I see what you meant, :P
    I still vote for cutting the cutout more to suit though
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  21. Thank you for B.a. man, maybe do a project log with pics to guide others in the same boat?
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