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Hello All,

Can't seem to get a definitive answer to this so here goes. I have a Dell laptop with Vista preinstalled and recovery disks. It has two original partitions OS(C:) and RECOVERY(D:), I have added a third for all my data, Data(F:).

I have received the Dell Windows 7 upgrade. It comes with two disks, Windows 7 upgrade and Upgrade Assistant.

My question is this, after the upgrade to Windows 7 what becomes of RECOVERY (D:), is it modified? Will the recovery recover the laptop to Vista or Windows 7?...............what will actually happen?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your recovery WILL remain a Vista install :)
  2. Thanks fowang

    So what you are saying is, when I do a recovery, Vista will be installed, then I would need to go through the upgrade process again.

  3. yep thats it
  4. OK thats cool, thanks fowang.
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