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Hi all, I recently slapped in a RAID-0 array using two identical IBM drives, on an MSI 815EPPRO mobo. It is sweet; it works great and everything. But here's my problem. If I connect my old HD to either IDE-1 or IDE-2, the machine will boot from that HD instead of the RAID array. And this sucks. I have set up the RAID array as the boot device, and it will boot from it fine as long as that other HD is not connected. In BIOS, I have set the boot order to CDROM, IDE-2 (the other IDE choices are IDE-0, IDE-1, and IDE-3; I've also tried IDE-3).

So my bottom line question is how do I get the machine to force the RAID array to be DRIVE 1 and the HD connected to IDE-1 be DRIVE 2?

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  1. I've had that same problem in the past. It was a mess, but hopefully yours won't be the same as mine.

    Do you have an OS installed on the other hard drive? I did that, which was the problem.
    Also, take the extra hard drive out of the boot sequence entirely. I don't know if you tried that or not, just making sure.

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