6870 ($170) vs 6950 ($200) 560ti ($230)

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  1. May I suggest this 6950?

    It's an XFX 6950 2GB for $190 after a $30 mail in rebate (deal ends 5/8). Also XFX has a lifetime warranty which is really nice.

    This model has 2 mini display ports where as the other model has 1 regular display port. The perk with 2 is that the card can support 4 monitors!

    A personal reason I like AMD HD cards over GeForce is the multi-monitor support on a single card. The 6950 is an especially good entry model for this since it has 2GB of video ram. Some games don't support the multi-screen option (called Eyefinity) due to what I can only assume is competitive reasons (SC2 for example).

    I'm no expert and still in the process of looking at options for my own gaming PC, so I can't speak from experience to say if the multi-screen set up is nearly as cool as it is in my mind. For what it's worth I posted this just earlier today concerning multi-screen options.

    From Tom's GPU hierarchy charts it seems that the 6950 and 560 Ti are at least on the same tier (6870 is one below).
  2. Yeah 6950 is worth it for the increase compared to 560 Ti/6870
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    hd 6870 best bang for buck can clear up your gaming needs on 1080p.:)

    hd 6950 good card for gaming can be turned in to hd 6970 but tough.:)

    gtx 560ti very well overcloker overcloks like champ once it has been overclocked can do very well in games.:)
  4. An added benefit of a 6870 is, if at a later time you feel the need for more GPU you can add another in crossfire.
    Two HD 6870's in CF exceed the performance of a GTX 580 in most games and AMD has done a terrific job eliminating the micro-stutter issues these cards used to have in CF.
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  6. Hm... Thanks guys for the answers! Doesn't look like ima be playing any eye-infinity games, but thanks for the suggestions. Looks like il be geting the 6870 unless i spot some price drops from slickdeals to around 200.
  7. goodluck thanks for vote.:)
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