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Fx-8350 vs fx-4300

Hi when the fx buldozers came out tom's hardware said the 4100 and the 8100 had the same gaming performance. I was wondering if it is the same way with the 8350 and the 4300. Thanks
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  1. The 8350 does a lot better in games. The 6300 also does quite a bit better than the 4300 and is only 10 bucks or so more expensive. The 4300 is not a good buy right now, it needs a price drop.
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    It depends on the game, some games can use more than 4 cores, but most can't even use 4.

    BF3 multiplayer can use all 8. I think that Stalker: Call of Pripryiat can only even use 1 core.

    If the game can only use 4 or less, then they will perform the same.

    It is the same with the x1xx and x3xx chips in this regard.
  3. ok thanks
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