Sapphire HD7850 or PowerColor HD7850

Hi, all.
Can anyone tell me if there is any different in both cards? in performance and stuff.
They are both the same price, though the looks and fan/s is different.
Im planning on getting one of them and don't know which brand is more reliable.

Sapphire -

PowerColor -
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  1. Both cards use the same core clock and memory clock speeds so performance will be the same for both.

    My vote goes to the Sapphire because it uses a better cooling solution than the Power Color.
  2. vote for sapphire, should be a better cooling solution and normally sapphire has more extra stuff inside the box than powercolor and asus

    but I say if only sapphire improve their box it would have been better as I don't like the box it looks like those egg case I see on the market, but asus boxes looks golden (awesome looking in my opinion)
  3. Sapphire
  4. I vote for Sapphire.
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