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Power supply connector question

i recently picked up one of these PSU's

and i am looking at picking up an asus p8z77-v LE motherboard, combined with an intel i5 2500k cpu.

my problem is that the connectors on the psu above dont seem to match the cpu power socket on the motherboard, yet i see reveiws saying they're using the combination of this psu with motherboards that have the exact same socket configuration as the p8z77-v LE.

will i need to get a different power supply, or will it work with that board?
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    It will work:
    1 x 24-pin EATX Power connector(s)
    1 x 8-pin ATX 12V Power connector(s)
    1 x M/B 20+4 PIN = 24-pin
    1 x CPU 4+4 PIN = 8-pin
    The 20+4 can be connected together to one 24-pin board connector, or separately, for some boards that have a 20-pin connector. The same for 4+4.
  2. it'll work even though one of the 4 pin connectors doesnt look anything like whats on the motherboard socket?
  3. You will connect both 4-pin connectors to the board's 8-pin one.,1
  4. i'm aware of that, but one of the 4 pin connectors looks like it wont fit into the socket

    === ===
    |''''''| |'''''''|
    \__/ |___|

    === ===
    |'''''''| |'''''''|
    |___| \___/

    one of them looks like that, which will fit in just fine

    === ===
    |''''''| |'''''|
    \__/ \__/

    === ===
    |'''''| |''''''|
    \__/ \__/

    the other one looks like this, which doesnt look like it'll fit into the motherboard's socket
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  6. It will fit, don't worry. All boards 8-pin connectors look the same.,1257-30.html
  7. alright, thanks for the assistance.
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