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Hello, I useto use nvidia back in 08 until they made a change to how there drivers handle over scan correction. I am looking to buy a new video card and really want to get a GTX690 or 680 however i need to know if i will run into the following problem.
My main monitor is a 46" 120HZ samsung. every video card i use on my system ends up over scanning a bit, the task bar is off the bottom of the screen. on the old nvidia drivers and ATI drivers i can go into desktop scaling and drag the sliders to resize the desktop and retain the 1920X1080 resolution. however with the 2009 and beyond Nvidia drivers there over-scan resizing options literally changes the resolution so i end up with some wacky 1872X1016 and this simply will not do. does anyone know if this has been fixed or do i need to buy a 7970 from ATI?

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  1. seeing as no one seems to know i will be buying a radeon 7950 and clocking it up to a 7970
  2. Well, Scaling options and Underscan/Overscan are present in the CCC, however I've seen no one complaining of such an issue with nVidia cards so i guess there will be no problem, and the latest generations support up to 4K resolution, there will be no problem at all.
  3. i tried a nvidia 8600 last week and ran into the same issue i was having. i have seen many posts about such issues but very centralized posts. i.e. not many people seem to run such large screens as there main display over HDMI (this only occurs over HDMI) so i dont have much to base it on.

    i just did some research looking for old posts with people who have this issue came across this one: http://www.overclock.net/t/739658/nvidia-257-15-beta-overscan-underscan-feature

    apparently the issue is resolved, can anyone confirm this?
  4. Well, I can't really confirm. But I guess the new drivers have this features but better wait for anyone to confirm this.
  5. i just ordered the 7950 so ill trust ATI again. i got an MSI, first MSI since i got some 3870's years ago that fell apart. ill find out if they are any good with there video cards in a couple days
  6. It's AMD, no ATI anymore :p AMD now is on par with nVidia on the graphics segment. It just needs a miracle to cope up with Intel.
  7. yea i know, i still prefer to call them ATI. i miss my old 9600XT and 9700pro
  8. I've been using AMD GPUs since the Radeon X1900, at the past i had few heat & driver issues, but not anymore.
  9. Rage pro turbo 4MB agp, Geforce 2 MMX400 32MB, 7000 32mb, 8500LE 128MB, 9250 64MB, 9700 pro 128MB, 9600pro 128MB, 9800 pro 256MB, X800 vivo bios flashed with arctic-cooling to X850XTPE 256MB, X1800XT 512MB, HD2900XT 512MB, (laptop dell, 9600GT 512MB), 3870 crossfire 1GB, 9600GT 512MB, 5870 eyefinity 2GB, now my 7950 3GB comes friday from MSI, my dell with its 9600 is heavily OC'd and can still run deux ex human revolution on medium-high (i love that little laptop).

    thats my list of cards, there are a few other cards ive had but as they were never in my primary comps i dont count them.
  10. So from your experience, what do you see the most effective and efficient? AMD or nVidia? What problems have you experienced with both?
  11. i used omega drivers back in the agp days due to *** ati drivers. i LOVE the ati graphics, colors, and designes on the physical cards. RUBY and the axe swinging mantador, thats why i bought my 2900 and 1800 and x800. ATI fans were louder but i would always replace them with a A-C heatsink anyway. they also used more power in the early days but that never bothered me. the Nvidia control panel is more stream lined and has less issues, CCC crashes to much. i have a habbit of buying cards that seem to have a early EOL, the 1800, 2900, and 5870 are all cards that were short lived and very hard to find now for cheap, where as the 2600, 1900, and 6870 are around and kicking all over the place, however in every situation the cards i bought were more powerfull than there predecessor. The 9600 in my laptop is very strong and i love that card, even today its able to run games like eve online maxed out with no lag. My 3870's had piss poor build quality from MSI, the heatsinks fell off and didnt cool for ***. i replaced them with a 9600GT and found that wow ran much smoother, less fill rate lag and just all around cleaner display. the old ATI rage pro had major rendering issues with ranged textures like in swat 3 looking through a distant door way would just be a pixle mess. the Geforce 2 was great, no issues to speak of. My GF's 8800GT at the time wich was a single slot card was very hot and often crashed due to heat issues. it seems that this happens alot these days in higher end Nvidia cards in laptops or single slot cards, they are all crap and have major cooling issues. The 5870 is a very strong card but the XTX mfg is crap, i will never buy another XFX product. there are major driver scaling issues with this card, it tries to down clock to save power but if you run more than 1 screen it slows down so much that its unable to refresh more than a single screen and thus you have reached screen flicker. if i were epileptic i would have died. the only way to fix it is to manually over clock the card and disable down clocking. with ATI i always went sapphire but in 2005 ATI dropped warranty support and sapphire didnt have any at that time so i was left holding the bag with my X850 and switched to msi wich was no better.
  12. That's true, most of the HD 5xxx cards had a Display driver has stopped.../grey screen/crashes.. because of the IDLE clock speed and windows power saving options, you had to adjust the clocks manually.

    My friend had 9800 GX2 and the GPU fried because it was reaching 110C,,,started to produce green/red lines all of the screen and freez all the PC.

    I've tried Saphire more than one time, they are the best partner for AMD..personally i have never had any problem with them even my current card is Sapphire, Also had a good experience with gigabyte cards though they were expensive.
  13. i will see what happens with MSI, i trust there MB's and use them almost exclusively.
  14. MSI introduced the Lightening and Twin Frozer coolers for their GPUs and it was pretty decent and very reliable specially in overclocking.

    Also, Asus Direct CU II coolers said to be great and effective, actually each manufacturer has it's own advantage and disadvantage, MSI and Asus use high quality materials while Powercolor, HIS, Diamond & Sapphire do not.
  15. well i guess ill find out friday :D
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