Possible to make an AM3 CPU work on an AM2+ motherboard?

I need to upgrade a CPU for gaming purposes. Unfortunately, all the CPUs I've found are AM3. The motherboard is an ASUS M2N-MX SE Plus which seems to only support AM2+. Is it possible to update the BIOS for this motherboard so that it could run an AM3 CPU?
Sorry if this is a duplicate question, I've searched for the past hour looking for a specific answer and about to start pulling my hair out. Thanks.
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    I don't think your motherboard can support any AM3 CPUs, some motherboards do but yours is not one of them. I would contact ASUS to verify if your motherboard does support AM3.
  2. Kind of what I expected to hear. Thanks, Socialfox.
  3. If you are still a bit unsure, I took the time to look for similar threads and here is one:
  4. Your best bet is to go to your manufacturer's webside and check. My Asus board, through a Bios update let me use AM3 chips in it.

    Just checked the site. Doesn't show any AM3 cpus in its support list.
  5. Thanks, drinkingcola86 and socialfox. I've checked ASUS site, too, and found no AM3 cpus listed. The real stinker is that the AMD Phenom 9550 (AM2) would run the games, but has apparently been discontinued. I found one for sale used on Amazon, but leery of buying any PC parts used. Ah, my tough luck. But thank you for the help.
  6. Yeah it sucks. One of my buddies just ran into this problem. although his is an AM2 board but the processor is AM2+.
  7. You still can find alot of retails offering the phenom 9950 I'm using it But A good question!! I still wonder if this processor would bottleneck a HD 6990 :/ Any suggestions?? Thanks beforehand.
  8. Short answer: No.
    Long answer: No, definitely not.
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