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Here is my system build:

Case: (NZXT Switch 810)
CPU: (i7-3820)
PSU: (850w CM silent pro)
GPU: (asus 560ti)
Heatsink: (evo 212)
Motherboard: (formula iv)
RAM: (16gb vengance)
HDD: (1TB 7200rpm WD)
SSD: (60gb OCZ)
Optical: (Samsung x22 Burner)
lighting: (red)
voltage reg: (opti-ups)

I'm just asking for any further suggestions please stay at the same price range or lower

(NOTE: I am only purchasing one 560ti BUT I already own one)
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    Since this is apparently a high end gaming sustem, I have a few suggestions.:

    1) The 3570K Is $100 cheaper, and will be a superior performer.

    2) That allows you to use a Z77 based motherboard at half the price.

    3) No game I know of can use more than 2-3gb. A 8gb kit is plenty. Ditch the high heat spreaders. They are not needed, and will interfere with your cpu cooler.

    4) Your psu is a tier 3 unit on this list; you can do better for quality:

    5) A 60gb ssd is ok for the os and not much else. I would get 120gb which will hold the os and a handful of games.
    OCZ is not so great from a reliability point of view, either. Read this report on ssd return rates:
    Look first to Samsung 830 and Intel first. Crucial is OK too.

    5) I suggest you consider selling your GTX560ti and buying a single GTX670 or such.
    I think it is wrong to build initially with sli when a good single card solution is available.
    If anything, you will avoid any microstuttering issues.
    Read more on that here:,2995.html
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