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i currently operate on an FX-6200 6-core processor. im tired of the incompatibilities, and random problems associated with the bulldozer processor and am looking to change out for a phenom II 1100T.

my question is, is it possible to go from an FX to a Phenom II on my current am3+ mobo? most people going from Phenom to FX would just update the bios, and pop it in. i haven't read anything on backtracking to a previous gen CPU, so i don't know how to go about doing it.
how do i install the phenom II in my currently operational PC without re-installing my os? and if i install the phenom, would i lose the USB 3.0 in my mobo?

any advice would be appreciated
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  1. Look up your mobo on the company's website and try and find a compatibility page
    e.g. something like

    for about 95% of Mobo's, you can go from bulldozer to the latest phenoms.
    You don't need to reinstall OS.
    You don't lose USB 3.
  2. thanks for the advice. i have 1 last question tho. would i still be able to use my 1866mhz ddr3 memory? or will that be unaffected
  3. ET_DaughDrop said:
    thanks for the advice. i have 1 last question tho. would i still be able to use my 1866mhz ddr3 memory? or will that be unaffected

    The IMC of the 1100T is designed for 1333MHz ram but I know you can run 1600Mhz no problem because I am right now. However 1866 I am not sure of, you can always make your ram run at 1600 or 1333 and tighten the timings.
  4. What problems are you having with your FX-6200? I am running two rigs one with a FX-8120 and one with a FX-8350 and have not had any problems at all runs everything great. Of course I updated my BIOS for the FX compatibility witch fixed the only problem I had at the time with Steam's CEG DRM and after that they have been very good.

    My FX-8120 was a replacement for my Phenom II 1090t that had some problems running a few games with out stutter and after the upgrade it fixed the few games that had problems. Personalty I really do not think the problem you are having has any thing at all to do the the CPU. I would look into your other hardware for the real problem.
  5. The problem with Bulldozer should only be that it is relatively slow for its price and power consumption. If you are having program compatibility issues, or lockups, or bluescreens, or anything like that, something else is wrong. A properly functioning Bulldozer chip should not cause anything like that, and switching your CPU is by no means guaranteed to fix it. What specific problems are you having?
  6. ALL AM3+ motherboards on the market are backward compatible with Phenom II 1100Ts. My AM3+ Sabertooth was born and raised with a Phenom II AM3. You should have no need to do anything with the BIOS. You should be able to just swap the CPU and it will work. Although, PileDriver 8320s/8350s look like what Bulldozer should have been, I would consider that route if you insist on a new CPU, unless you can get a reasonable deal on an 1100T. And by reasonable, at this point in time, I couldn't see myself paying more than $150 for a brand new, unused 1100T.

    No you will not lose USB 3.0. Thats a misconception I've seen alot where people talk about "native USB 3.0" support. All that means is, unlike USB 2.0 which is "native". You have to install the drivers before the USB 3.0 ports function. Hell, no motherboard has "native" LAN support. A new system doesn't have a functioning onboard Ethernet port til you install the drivers.
  7. Sorry for the late response guys, i did manage to solve the problem. it was a problem with my bios. i was on build 0609. i'm now running 1401 and have no problems with any programs or applications. thank you all for your advice though
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