Will Crossfiring Help?

First thx to ne1 who has a useful answer.

I have a HD 5570 and ive seen that i can crossfire it with a 6570 and im wondering how much this would improve my FPS if at all. I know my cpu is one of my biggest problems atm, but i cant afford a new cpu/mobo right now.

ASROCK P45X3 Deluxe
Pentium E5200 O.C.@3.2Ghz
6Gb DDR3 1333 (2x2 & 1x1)
Sapphire Radeon HD 5570 1Gb 128Bit
Hitachi 7200 Rpm 160 Gb Hard Drive
(Will be Kingston HyperX 120G SSD in a few days :D )
500W power supply (forgot the brand atm)
Win7 X64
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  1. Like you said your CPU is the weakest link in your rig. I'd geta new mobo+CPU instead of that SSD. You will probably notice some improvement from crossfiring but your CPU will drastically hold it back
  2. Eh, caught drive on sale for 99 after a rebate and couldnt pass it up. Im expecting to spend at least 200+ when i upgrade cpu so its gotta wait a lil while yet.
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    for compablity see this chart.:)

    in my opinion the crossfire will give you some what better performance then single card but i would say you to buy an single hd 6770 and sell that hd 5570 it wouldbe better to get single card because all games doesnt support crossfire and you will have to face some driver issues go for an single hd 6770 instead of crossfire your cpu will not bottleneck it its overclocked one so you will doesnt see any of bottlenecking caused by cpu to gpu.:)

    get this one with good built and with nice customer care support.:)
  4. Yea thats more that i could throw away right now :) was looking at the 6570 cause it was only 57 and ive been stuck at 1360X768 for awhile now cause i didnt pay enuf attension when i bought the 5570, damn display port lol

    I guess im prolly just gonna deal with it awhile longer till i can do sumthin more worthwhile.

    Thx to both of you for you help.
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