Lite-On 16/10/40 CD-RW

Does anyone in here have a Lite-On LTR-16101B 16/10/40 CD-RW?? I have 2 friends that want (IDE) CD-RWs, mainly for making music mix CDs. There's a review of it here
and what worries me are the mediocre CD DAE scores. Neither is going to use CR-RWs that much if at all, so I'm not concerned about the slow CD-RW performance. I'm concerned about the drive making crappy sounding recordings and then having to hear about it later.

Keep in mind my friends are on the thrifty side (AKA cheap). While Plextors are good, I have their 12/10/32A CDRW, the 16/10/40 is about $60 more than the Lite-On, about $30 more than the Teac 16/10/40 CDRW. I doubt they are worth the extra money. While a 20x or 24x CDRW would be great, they are still a bit too pricey.
I've never heard much about Lite-On so that's why I am asking about their drive. Thanks.

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  1. Lite-On aren't that great. There's another thread around here where someone is having trouble with his, I believe.

    My parent's Dell came with a Lite-On 48x reader. No problems yet, but based on what other people say, I'm not going to be surprised if it fails.

    Try an LG/Goldstar drive, those are pretty good, and cheap. Or get the Teac, like me. I have the 12/10/32, and I love it. Fast, quiet, reliable, etc.

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  2. I'd bet the extraction rate isn't too hot, speed or quality. That's part of what you get when you pick up the more expensive drives. But for data, it's probably a good deal.
  3. In my personal experience Plextors are worth every extra penny they cost. Not that there aren't other good CDRW drives.

    Anyway, you friends may use CDROM/DVD readers to perform the DAE, instead of the writer. Of course unless if they want a one drive solution...
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