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I have the EVGA 580sc. (

Should I upgrade (step-up) to the 680 reference? (

I do not care about the small price difference. I was just wondering everyones opinions, if you would take the upgrade.

(look at different view: performance upgrade, warranty difference, reliability, etc. Just don't look at it as a price difference because it is less than $100, so in my mind, for the upgrade I need to know the other factors) Thanks for everyone's input.
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    dont upgrade it to gtx 680 doesnt worth it your current gpu is very nice and factory overclocked just overclock your gpu and you will go on the gtx 680 level or less or more but dont get gtx 680 over gtx 580.:)
  2. Thanks sunnk. I dont think that the performance would be much of an upgrade anyways. If anything I think I would drop a little performance because of my current cards overclocking abilities versus the 680's stock.
  3. yes overclocking will do that and i think you should also go above gtx 680 or may be on level but upgrading from gtx 580 to 680 didnt look a nice upgrade really.:)
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  5. Yeah that was the only upgrade "step up" that they would allow me, so I just passed up the offer.
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