Computer Booting Issue

So i came home today to find my computer wasn't on. I was just using it last night and left it on.

When i try to turn the power button on i have to press the button a few times or manually unplug the power cord and try again.

The monitor never turns on but the computer doesn't boot either. No keyboard lights come on.

I opened the PC and turned it on and noticed the fan on the Heatsink/processor starts for 2 seconds and then stops completely while The power supply fan stays on, Gfx Card fan stays on and 1 inner fan also stays on.

Is the power supply bad?

I have to repeatedly press the button just to get it to turn on.

Windows 7 x64

Hp pavilion a6750f

Evea 560 Gfx Card

8 gb ram

Bought the power supply off new egg 2 years ago 650W

If you need more information i will try to provide it for you.

Thank you
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  1. I guess it's the power supply. If still under warranty, try RMA-ing it. Can you borrow a power supply and test?
  2. I will have to wait to go to a friends house to replace the PSU.

    But i have one other thing that i realized , the PSU is making a very high pitch noise. It doesn't stop unless i completely remove power from the computer.

    I googled the high pitch noise and got "Coil whine" , is this a sign that it is infact my PSU?

    other thing i have done. I re-sat all cords , ram , gfx card.

    I tried starting the pc with no ram inserted but it didnt make any noise.
  3. Yeah it sounds like a PSU fault.
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