Random loads on CPU?

Hello, I bought an AMD FX-4170 processor. It says it is on 4.2GhZ(4.3 on turbo), even though when I put it on recommended settings on my BIOS which is what the manual for the mobo recommends it put it in 4.5GhZ. Well, I've been looking and monitoring the Temperatures and load and they seem to fluctuate a lot. Like the first core is in 0 load then all of them on 0 load except for 4th core which has like 70 percent load, and then they start going randomly like non-stop, the avg. temp when it's doing this is around 34C-37C.

I used prime 95 and all the indicators on Core temp went on full load (100% all of them) and the temps did not go higher than 57 degrees Celsius, which I believe is good, but when "idling" the cores keep on going on load(not full, but like 60% first and second core and the rest on 0%)

I don't know if this is normal or not, CPU works just fine for me, everything goes faster than before for sure, but I just don't want my CPU to end up as a toast.

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  1. Not to fear, at those temps, even if your system goes nuts, it should be fine. There are a few things that go on in windows that'll get your cores running strangely. Have you changed or updated any other hardware in your computer? Often times old drivers don't like being left out in the cold (so to speak) and will start using resources looking for their (now non-existant) hardware. Running a driver sweeper may help there.
  2. What process is loading the core to 70%? Thats way about what idle windows should be loading...
  3. Right now it seems to have been solved, but I will update this if it happens again. And yes I did change my hardware, as a matter of fact this is an entirely new computer, I only took the PSU from my other one and installed it in this new build.

    Right now the CPU is at 7 celsius and almost 0 percent on every core, I will monitor it and report later again and try to see if any program in particular makes the loads spike like that. And thank you C12Friedman, I will check for old drivers and run a driver sweeper for old drivers.
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