Serious PC issues with new build?

i just built my PC and it has been running great for a few weeks, but lately things have been getting bad very recently. For example, i use to be able to play all of my games without a problem, now Deus Ex: HR will not run because "failed to initialize Direct3D with current settings" i havent changed my graphics driver or anything since i ran it before (graphics driver from Nvidia: 304.48)! also, i have been getting problems with VIRTUMVP and i dont know how to solve it. Also when i try running 3DMark11 it just goes to a black screen and dosent do anything until i ctrl+alt+delete out. What is the Problem?? i have good anti-virus software and i barely go on the internet, i havent changed drivers or setting, its just all of a sudden things are falling apart? please help, i will be replying to questions rapidly when you post

my PC:
ASRock z77 Extreme4
ZOTAC GTX 670 AMP! Edition
G.SKILL 8gb (2x4gb) RAM
Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200rpm 6mb

I just tried running Unigine Heaven and it does the samething as 3DMark11, it goes to blank screen then stops responding
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  1. im trying my other games and they all do the same thing! i try FarCry2 and it just pops up the window and says FarCry2 is not responding and then closes down. Everything is doing this!
  2. As im sure you have figured out already the problem is VirtuMVP.. I'm outraged at the lack of support from Lucidlogix and ASrock. its crashing almost every game i own, and constantly give me error messages saying my programs have expired. Disable it and the problems go away. Such a promising program, but the more i try and work with it the more i grow to hate it.
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