Screen goes blank for sometime and "Display Driver stopped working..."

My system specs:
Windows 7 64 bit Service Pack 1
Intel Core 2 Duo processor E8400 3 GHz
CPU Speed : 2987.8 MHz
ATI Radeon HD 4350
360 GB Hard Disk(half full in both drives(I have 2) )
It's a Dell Inspiron 535s

1. Frequently,while I'm using the computer,screen gets stuck(mouse can be moved though) ,the screen goes blank(like when it turns off) for a couple of seconds and then it is back with a message at the bottom.,saying,

"Display driver ATI Radeon Family stopped working and has recovered successfully".

2. There are also moving marks on the left side of the screen (horizontal red blurry lines that move around up and down),which don't always exist.

The screen going blank happened about 10-15 times till this point of my typing.

Here is what I've done so far:
1.Reinstalled OS.
2.Reinstalled ATI driver software(catalyst control center)

3.I checked the temperatures of the CPU and mother board using Speccy.
CPU temperature varies from 57 to 63 C while motherboard temperature stays around 30.

I have no games installed on my computer.
It is basically used for internet,music,videos and a little programming.

Please help me.
THank You
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  1. Since GPU is the problem component by your description of the problem, can you tell us the temperature of the GPU ?

    57 C to 63 C is a bit high for a CPU that does internet browsing only, though. What is the ambient temperature of the area where your computer sits ?

    Since this is an OEM build computer, have you contacted DEll for the problem ? Or has the problem started after you installed new hardware in your Dell machine ?
  2. Thanks for replying suat.

    ATI adapter temperature ranges from 64 - 75 C.(which is the GPU temperature I hope)
    The thing is right after the blank screen shows up and display is back(when the message "Display driver stopped ...." is shown) ,the temperature is higher by about 2 C over what it originally had and then it slowly returns back.

    The temperature of the area where the CPU sits is about 33 C.
    It has been in that place since 2-3 years and I've had no issues until now.

    I spoke to a Dell rep on phone and he said I will have to get the graphics card along with the motherboard changed (which costs a lot). Though I'm not quite sure he eliminated all other possibilities.
  3. I used to have this problem awhile back when I was using an AMD chip with my Radeon 6950.

    I was having the same problem you are having, and it was not any of the other components in the computer or so I had thought. I bought a 8800GT cheap off of my friend, since he got a newer card. I put it in there to see if the 6950 was the problem, which I was hoping it was. It wasnt. The issue remained the same with the 8800GT. I figured I would play with it for awhile, but then I got rather tired of it. I got very annoyed over it shutting it down after every time I tried to do something graphics intensive. I was then trying to figure it out one day, and was looking in the case at the possible components it could have been. I hadn't checked the RAM, and figured I may as well. Took out 2 sticks of it (had 4) and TADA! The problem was fixed.

    This might not work for you, I have learned the origin of this problem is different for everyone, I thought I might just say this just in case.
  4. @Deemo13,
    So it had nothing to do with your graphics card (or GPU)?
    How would taking off 2 sticks of RAM have fixed the issue? I mean what was cause actually?
  5. And also,
    I installed Ubuntu 12.04. There are no such problems on there.
    Only once did the screen go blank(I was still able to hear audio though) and it stayed that way with the system on. So I had to power it down and when I turned it back on ,it worked fine.
    But for that there has been no such issue with ubuntu.
    No horizontal blurry lines or the screen going blank for a couple secs with an error recovery message.

    One more thing.
    I disabled the graphics back here on windows via the device manager. The resolution is not pleasant but those bugs don't exist after disabling the graphics card.

    This is confusing. Is it a hardware related error at all?
  6. Quote:

    Only once did the screen go blank(I was still able to hear audio though) and it stayed that way with the system on. So I had to power it down and when I turned it back on ,it worked fine.
    But for that there has been no such issue with ubuntu.

    Nope. This is happening way more often now. The system stays on but the monitor goes off. It can't be turned on unless the CPU power button is pressed (to turn off) and again turned on.
  7. To be honest, I have no clue why the RAM thing worked for me. I gave up on options to try to fix it, and tried everything. I figured I may as well try the only thing I hadn't tried yet, and that was removing RAM. I have no clue what happened or why, but thats what fixed it for me. But from looking at this problem on multiple forums, the problems for this are various.

    AMD hasn't said anything about this problem.
  8. There is another major problem now.
    Most of the times,now the screen goes blank even before the OS choosing menu is displayed(bios,bootloader,the Dell logo). That is to say my monitor is simply doesn't show anything. The monitor is alright though,I checked. I turn my CPU,monitor on,the monitor shows "Power Saving Mode" message. And it stays blank.
    When it does work till I can choose OS,I choose Win7,and go to safe mode and many a times the same problem occurs there as well.
    And even when I choose Ubuntu, the same problem.

    I have now disabled the graphics card in Device Manager in Windows. But yet this happens. Now that card is disabled the earlier problem of "Display Driver Stopped ...." message after screen blanking out for 2 seconds doesn't happen.

    From my knowledge,the system doesn't use the graphics card in safe mode or at least to show BIOS options. It uses a less capable inbuilt card. Correct?
    And...This happens even with the graphics card disabled.
    SO is it really a graphics card problem at all?

    And the same thing happens in Ubuntu. Ubuntu would be using its own driver. So can it be a driver problem?
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