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I have a dell 11x and am very insterested in upgrading my processor. Here's the one I found that I think I want to use. Unless someone has a better suggestion. I would very much appreciate the help of the community to get through this. I'm not a newb to computers, how ever I am a newb when it comes to swapping processors. I just want to make sure it fits in the socket and I think I can probly get it from there. Anyway I REAllY appreciate any and all support you guys can give me. Thanks
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  1. I have never herd of a laptop that you can swap the processors unless it is a custom built high end one. That being said, my answer is that this one is PGA 988, that's the socket, do all the research you can and see if the Dell 11X is using that socket. I am surprised you can do this as most mobile processors are soldered onto the motherboard directly.
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