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I am planning to build a home server for a home backup machine and running a website or 2 off of. I want relatively low power consumption, but i don't want it to be to slow because one website is for a local business. I don't need an enormous amount of storage either. I would also like to try an AMD cpu out. Mainly because i would like to support them and there prices are good i think. NO fanboy fighting in this thread please! I simply would like to help amd out in there troubles by giving them my money Any suggestions for a lowish power good server build would be nice. I already have a case. My budget is 500-600$
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    Probably an FX-8120 would be in order, and I would overclock it to 3.6GHZ, now this may sound ridiciulous. You normally don't want to overclock a server, since its not a gaming machine, however, the 8120 is identical to the 8150 model, which is more expensive, the 8150 is just clocked higher. Since both are fully overclockable, theres no advantage to paying more for the 8150.

    CPU- FX-8120- $170

    Mobo- Asus Sabertooth 990FX - $135 (open box deal- yes, Asus does honor the warranty, which is 5 year, longer than the 3 year warranty on the CPU)

    RAM- 16GB Corsair Vengeance- $98

    Graphics- Zotac GT 520- (fairly low end, Actually fairly is an understatement, this is bottom of the barrel. A home server doens't require powerful graphics, .. get a stronger card if you want this machine to do anything else) $25 with Mail in rebate

    Power- SeaSonic M12II 520- $60 with Mail in Rebate (5 year warranty)

    Hard Drive- Seagate 1TB- $100

    Total: $588
  2. So 1 gigabit lan is good enough?
  3. I don't see why it wouldn't be. You did say this was a local business?, how many people would actually be accessing the site at a given time? 5 or 6 under the best of circumstances?
  4. Ok then. I have also heard that running websites from the home is a pain because the of providers. Is it really a huge pain?
  5. I really don't know honestly, as I have no personal experience with it. The only thing I can say is the system I built should have no problem on the hardware side of things doing what you're looking for it to do.
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