Just Cause 2 on 8700m GT 256mb??


Here is my system and I would like to know how good the just cause 2 will run?
Core 2 Duo T8300@2.4Ghz
8700m GT 256mb
2Gb Ram
Win 7 of course :)
I know it's old but still it's not bad for me :D
Any idea ?
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  1. I was getting the game anyway.Just got it.Here are the results
    Textures: High
    Shadows: Medium
    Water: Very High
    Objects: Medium
    AA: Off
    AF: 2x
    SSAO: Off
    High-res Shadows: Off
    GPU Water: Off
    All other options are set to "ON"
    Min: 13 Avg: 20
    Max: 24
    Gameplay is smooth.Because fps is really stable.Most of the time 19-20.
    So, is it a miracle?? :D
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    Yes it is.With 256mb of VRAM and running Windows 7 it is a miracle it even plays at all.And by standards 20fps is not playable by most people.30fps is the bare minimum.But as long as it works for you and your happy then great!!!
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