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Best small and quiet cpu fan and heatsink

I just finished building my first computer. Before doing this I had a Mac Mini, which was extremely quiet. I know I am being picky, but the stock fan for my i3 is bugging me already. There are a lot of replacement options, so I was hoping someone with more experience could give me some recommendations.

I am no poweruser by any means, so for me inexpensive and quiet are most important.

I have this case, which doesn't leave much room (the stock fan has maybe 1/8" between it and the power supply).

What fan and heatsink replacement would be best for my needs? Or as another possibility, is there a way to quiet down my stock fan?
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    Maybe this will help you select based on dimensions
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  3. rolli59 said:
    Maybe this will help you select based on dimensions

    Thanks! This was exactly was I was looking for.
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