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URGENT! 600T and Hyper 212 Evo Compatibility.

Hi there, my brother was interested in purchasing my HAF X, and I agreed -- it was simply too big and luggy for me, almost dropped it a couple of times from the sheer weight. The side panels are seriously half the weight of the entire case!

Anyways moving on, last weekend I only just purchased a 212 Evo with my i5 3550, as the stock fan was too loud, and I didn't want to spend too much on a new cooler. So now, me and my brother have agreed on a switch, with him buying me the 600T and then I'm going to give him the HAF X with a NZXT fan controller I got.

I've been researching the 600T, and I'm struggling to find max GPU lengths and CPU height limits for the 600T, I really like the case and I hope it fits. Anyone know if it fits?

Thanks in Advance.
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    Long story short, the 600T will be able to accommodate the largest of CPU coolers (NH-D14 is a great example) as well as the largest GPU's (HD6990 will fit, and this particular card is 12" in length).

    You have absolutely no worries about any clearance issues :)
  2. Thanks for your quick reply, really helpful. Not even the corsair website had this sort of information, so that meant not even websites which sold it had it either.

    Really appreciate it :D
  3. :) You're very welcome.
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