Upgrading 6870

I'm currently running an XFX 6870 on and i5 2500K and I was looking to upgrade the graphics on my machine. Do you think it would be better to get a second 6870 and xfire the cards or put down the extra cash and get a 680?
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  1. IMO I would go for the 680, Less driver issues and less of a headache than running Crossfire.
  2. Do you think the 680 will outperform the two 6870's?
  3. Crossfiring is not tough at all .......

    i would go with the 6870 if i was in a budget of doing so....

    if i had money then surely the 680 is the best..............but i dont think its worth the money....whereas the 6870cf can run any games in the market so i would wait rather going for the 680
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