Building my first gaming pc.

Hi im building a gaming pc with a friend, the hopes are to play skyrim/shogun2/bf3.
buying parts next week

cpu intel i5 2500k

1 tb seagate barracuda

8 gb kingston valueR 1333 mhz

gpu xfx radeon hd 6870 1 gb ddr5 dual fan

tower fractal design define r3 black pearl

mobo msi b75ma-pa socket 1155

psu cooler master gx lite 600w psu

cannibalizing dvd

this is where im buying parts

is this build a good entry lvl gaming build with the option to upgrade to a radeon 7850 and maybe a ssd later?
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  1. Dont get a coolermaster PSU. Get a reliable one from seasonic, antec, xfx and others. I cant have a link to a PSU since i cant understand much of the site you stated. :)
  2. yea sorry its danish XD would a XFX ProSeries Core Edition 550W PSU be a better choice?
  3. can you please fill out the how to ask for build advice template. your post is really messy
  4. dont buy
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