Will this fan controller fit/work in case/fans....... PLEASE REPLY! :D



fit in one of the front panels in HAF 912 Plus? THANKS YOU :D

and what fans are compatible is cpu cooler compatible? (The NDH 14) and the 200 big boy? THANKS :D
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  1. yes it will fit in the case and pwm fans are compatible with it so your cpu cooler will work the antec 200 big boy will not however
    if your set on a 200mm fan this xigmatec fan is the only one ive found with the right connection but you will have to check does it fit your case
  2. It'l fit in the case no worries, but I would advise against connecting the CPU fans to it. When gaming, you will eventually not remember to change it and it will run too hot. Better off connecting the CPU fans to the Mobo and Case fans to the fan controller.
  3. yeah good advice ^
  4. the antec 200mm big boy is not compatible
  5. ok could you suggest another (cheap) fan of the same size which will work please
  6. i already did in my first reply
  7. oh of course sorry :)
  8. do i need to buy some thermal paste?
  9. yeah do its very important you clean the old paste off your cpu and apply the new paste evenly there is youtube videos showing how to do it if you want to check that out
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