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Beginner's question on PSU

Does it matter if I just use ONE 6 pin -> molex cable directly to the PSU, and then use adapters to power everything off the same cable ? ( 6 fans, 2 optical drives, 2 HDD and 2 SDD)

(eg: use molex to 3 pin for fans, molex to SATA for optical drive and hdd/ssd)
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  1. So you want to power 6 fans, 2 optical drivers, 2 HDD, and 2 SSD with 1 molex cable with adapters ?
    I guess you can do that but if possible use more molex cables.
  2. You make it sound dodgy. Could you tell us the rest of what in your computer (graphics card, motherboard, processor, etc) and the power supply you're using.
  3. your PSU looks like it's old and quaint with just @6 pin for power, moterboard now (minimum 2 socket chassis fan) and PSU now has a socket for that much, at least New PSU has 4 power for that.

    I think it would cause problems if only @ 6pin for that much!
  4. Okay I'll just keep it simple then :)

    My Psu is actually a XFX 1050W, only reason I am asking this is because there are tons of molex left over at the back of the mobo, and I am planning to sleeve my cables, so If I could run that many component off with one 6 pin, I could save a lot of time.

    But thanks for all the answers :)
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    Than you're better off leaving those molex be, i too have a bunch of those with no use.
    If you run out of fan plugs on the Motherboard or if you just want prefer to plug them into a molex you can no problem, you won't be able to see or control the fan speed but that's about it.
    As for the rest you're better off giving them the best power they can have, so to be sure just have them connected in their original cables.
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